CCE Debate – Is CCE Good or bad?

After the implementation of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) by CBSE, there’s a lot of confusion among schools, teachers, students as well as administrators. The system was started to minimize the exam stress. But now, every day the students are the victim of undue exam stress. There are more evaluations than learni

Central Board of Secondary Education

ng. Students are continuously stressed as there will be exams almost eveyday.

At the same time CBSE is doing away with exams at the Board level creating the situation more laissez-faire, There is no uniformity in evaluation from school to school.

The schools are giving plenty of A grades to students most of them donot deserve it. They pass out Class X with gorgeous marks and get admission in the stream of their ‘choice’ . Class XI will turn out to be extremely difficult for them. They waste 2 years or more – failing in class XI and XII.

CCE is not suitable for a country like India where there are overcrowded classroom ranging from 50 to 65 students per class.

The teachers are also overburdened with lot of clerical work – assigning and tabulating the CCE scores, making reports, evaluating — all these at the cost of the time to be spent of preparation for real classroom teaching.

Is it not time to think on whether or not to continue with the system of CCE?

What do you think?

Raise your voice. Comment on and let the authorities rethink!

One thought on “CCE Debate – Is CCE Good or bad?

  1. With introduction of CCE the quality of education in CBSE schools has declined. In CCE we follow Semester exam whereas in XI and XII we follow Annual Exam where whole book comes for exam.Its 100% true clerical work has increased for teachers. Student who are not eligible to pass even 8th Exam now pass out X. All thanks to HRD ministry. I hope this system will be also implemented in XI and XII then in colleges and universities.

    I am sure it will be death blow for our system of education.

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