CBSE Class 8 Science – FA1 Sample Question Paper



 Answer all questions


  1. The property of the metal which help in making coins is…………and the property of the metal which help in making wires is ……….
  2. A piece of Aluminium foil is dropped in a test tube containing fresh sodium hydroxide solution. A burning match stick is brought near the mouth of the test tube. What change do you expect to observe? Name the gas formed in the reaction.
  3. Write two examples each of exhaustible resources and non-exhaustible resources.
  4. What are fossil fuels? Give two examples.
  5. Name any four constituents of petroleum.
  6. Why natural gas is preferred to other fuels?
  7. List the uses of petrol and lubricating oil.
  8. Define ignition temperature. Petrol burns more readily than kerosene. Why?
  9. What are the causes of deforestation?
  10. Write two things you would do for the maintenance of green wealth of our school campus?                                                                            2×10=20
  11. How do metal differ from non metals? Give five points.                           5
  12. Draw a diagram showing the different zones of a candle flame and label. Which is the hottest zone?                                                                                            5
  13. How is coal formed?                                                                                    5

14. List the various consequences of deforestation.                                          5



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