A comparison of education in India and Abroad

The philosophy of education in India and Abroad:

There is no second opinion to the fact that education forms the cornerstone upon which the progress of any country depends. The approach towards education in the west is that of specialization in the field of interest for the student. Westerners believe that education is a process of learning and they adopt a policy of wait and see; wait for an opportunity to get into the job you have specialized. As a comparison,it is not so in India where education is aimed at getting the job at the earliest point of time.

Educationists point out that western culture is such that students are allowed to choose their career and parents have little say in the decision that a student would take. On the other hand, the education always gives emphasis on practical session, not to say that theory is ignored. With the emphasis on practical session the class rooms, laboratories and the libraries in the western countries are very well equipped.

This practical session helps the student to fare well when he takes up a job. Most of the western universities have flexible academic module which help the student to change his preferential study to suit his taste and abilities. Most of the courses taught in western universities have global recognition
and therefore the student would find it easy to get a job anywhere in the world. It is because of these advantages many students in India prefer to travel abroad to pursue their studies.

On the contrary the Indian society is such that the student is protected by the parents to the extent that he has little or no choice in choosing a career of his preference. The Indian system of education emphasize on theory. Experts say that financial crunch has forced many educational institutions to be theoretical oriented than emphasizing on practical aspects. Therefore the student becomes more an ‘academically intelligent’ than being practical in nature. Therefore the student has considerably lower employable skills. On the other hand, the degrees awarded by some of the reputed educational institution alone have global recognition.

There was time when Indian students travelled abroad for study. They travelled to USA, UK, Australia,and Canada as also to Russia only to pursue their studies. In fact during the year 2007-08 India was one of the countries which sent highest number of students to study abroad. But, the situation is slowly changing in India as well. Now, we have reputed institutions for higher learning like the IITs, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, National Law Schools, Indian Institutes of Management, reputed universities like the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University, Amity Universities, Mysore University etc which are known as the centers of excellence in learning. The deemed university status given to some of the reputed educational institutions is another step in the right direction to make the education practical oriented. With all these steps the trend is slowly changing and now students from abroad have started coming to India for higher learning and it is certainly a welcome trend.

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