Everybody has to develop within the society and interact with others for the well – being og society in general.

Right from birth, the child is made to realize that his lot is tied on to that of the community which includes himself, the elders, the souls of the departed and the generations unborn

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What is Learning?

Learning is the process by which an organism, as a result of its interaction in a situation, acquires  new mode of behaviour which tends to persist and affect the general behavioural pattern of the organism to some degree.

Learning is a process of acquiring and stabilizing of successful or rewarded responses and of eliminating the unsuccessful or unrewarded responses.



Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development – An Overview

Jean Piaget was a Swish Psychologist. His work (based on observations made on the development of his own kids) has been enormously influential and has sparked numerous studies through out the world.

How Children Think?

According to Piaget, a child does not think like an adult in a less effective manner. The thinking process of children is qualitatively different from the thinking of adults.

The Developmental Stages according to Piaget

Period 1 – The Sensory Motor Period – From Birth to 2 years of age

Jean Piaget

PERIOD 2 – The Concrete Operations Period – from 2 years to 12 years

Period 3 – Formal Operations Period = 12 tears through Adulthood.