Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development – An Overview

Jean Piaget was a Swish Psychologist. His work (based on observations made on the development of his own kids) has been enormously influential and has sparked numerous studies through out the world.

How Children Think?

According to Piaget, a child does not think like an adult in a less effective manner. The thinking process of children is qualitatively different from the thinking of adults.

The Developmental Stages according to Piaget

Period 1 – The Sensory Motor Period – From Birth to 2 years of age

Jean Piaget

PERIOD 2 – The Concrete Operations Period – from 2 years to 12 years

Period 3 – Formal Operations Period = 12 tears through Adulthood.



Say no to Alcohol! But Why? & How?

Why say no to alcohol?

Many reasons are already discussed through many media. The one reason I want to highlight is that, “It takes of all other senses of entertainment”

Enjoying food after consuming alcohol may seem better the moment you are eating, but you are not actually getting the real taste. When you get drunk, you don’t even find what taste it is. In a  bar, the first dish offered may be the best one. But as you get drunk, the quality decreases. You may not even know whether you were served the remainings from others.

Alcohol takes away all inhibitions. The workers like scavengers consume alcohol before they start is mainly for this, to remove the inhibitions. Almost all the crimes are performed after intoxication of one sort or the other.

Though the drinker may feel that, “I am only harming myself” but in fact after the consumption he is ready to harm anyone, to do any sort of dirty things.Say NO to Alcohol

Many of the intoxicants are restricted by government, but alcohol is permitted in most of the nations. So, it is the responsibility of every citizen to know the drawbacks and ill effects of alcohol and save his own life as well as the life of family.

A clever wife can bring down the drinking habit of her man. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Don’t quarrel and increase the stress level of man
  2. Handle difficult situations with love and soft words
  3. Learn and make good food.
  4. Serve dinner early; before the usual time of taking drinks so that he may not take drink. Usually drinks are consumed before dinner. But when the stimach is full, most men don’t like to have food.
  5. Restrict body congress after consumption of alcohol, but don’t say NO when not under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Show off all your love while in full consciousness and avoid conflict while intoxicated.
  7. Encourage to exercise.
  8. Provide fruit juices to help out of hangover rather than the drink itself
  9. Describe gently but with love all the mischief done under intoxication without intimidating.
  10. Better to keep distance when your spouse is in a quarrel mood.

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A Few Thoughts on New System of Education

The following ideas were discussed during a meeting with NCERT to review the new text books. The textbooks are prepared with these in mind by the authors.

Every classroom  lesson is a celebration of Learning

True education is not what is give by a teacher,  but it is what acquired by the student.

Brain is for processing information, not for storing

Education should give chance for each child to develop himself.

The children should be guided on how to break the beaten path and on finding their own.